Termine DGfI-Veranstaltungen

Tagung AK Transplantationsimmunologie

Hannover, 24.-25. Mai 2018, abstract deadline: 23. April 2018!

Tagung Arbeitskreis NeuroEndokrinoImmunologie

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2.September 2018 (als Satellitensymposium zum ECI2018)

5th European Congress of Immunology

Amsterdam, The Netherlands  2.-5. September 2018

Turnusgemäß wird 2018 keine DGfI Jahrestagung ausgerichtet. Die Mitgliederversammlung wird im Rahmen des ECI 2018 stattfinden.

Tagung Arbeitskreis Veterinärimmunologie

Utrecht, The Netherlands  5.-7. September 2018
Ko-Organisator des European Veterinary Immunology Workshops
Satellitensymposium zum 5th European Congress of Immunology

Tagung Arbeitskreis NK-Zelle

Hamburg, 10-12. September 2018
Registration is now open

Herbstschule Current Concepts in Immunology

Merseburg, 7.-12. Oktober 2018 
An up-to-date educational journey through the immune system for everyone including STUDENTS, POSTDOCS and GROUP LEADERS with a background in NATURAL SCIENCES or MEDICINE. The program includes lectures by internationally renowned experts, student presentations as well as interactive sessions to meet the speakers and to foster networking within our immunological community.

Tagung Arbeitskreis Signaltransduktion

Weimar, 5.-7. November 2018
Abstract submission starting June 2018

2019 Joint Annual Meeting of the DGfI and SIICA

München, 10.-13. September 2019

In 2019 the German Society for Immunology and the Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology will hold their 2nd Joint Annual Meeting in Munich.

First outlook

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