Research focus groups - Overview

Each DGfI research focus group represents a clearly defined field of immunology, such as the biology of the B cell or transplantation immunology. This focus is advocated (inter)nationally by the working group through active participation in DGfI activities as well as the organization of annual workshops and symposia, concentrating on the topic of interest. Furthermore, an interdisciplinary approach is pursued by the research focus group, based on contact with other national and international immunological societies.

What is being offered?

  • Productive and informative workshops with a limited number of participants
  • Active participation in workshops during DGfI annual meetings
  • Networking
  • Exchange of reagents via Email to all members of the research focus group in question
  • International contacts via cooperation with colleagues from abroad


Who should become a member?

All graduate students, PhD students, postdocs and lecturers whose research interests coincide with the scientific focus of the research focus group in question


How can I get registered?

You can register here as a new research focus group member. Please note that you can register for more than one research focus group. Registration is free.

Please also take note of the upcoming meetings/workshops organized by our research focus group.


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