DGfI Overview

The German Society for Immunology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie; DGfI) promotes the development of Immunology as a research area in bioscience and medicine. In particular, we:

  • promote basic and clinical research in immunology
  • provide advanced immunological training for (young) immunologists
  • organize congresses, frequently together with other immunological societies
  • promote public awareness

The German Society for Immunology comprises various boards and committees, e.g.:

  • The DGfI executive board
  • The DGfI advisory board
  • The DGfI reserch focus groups

We host a general assembly during the annual congress of the society. The members of the executive board and the advisory board are supported by our office in Berlin, where our staff is happy to help all DGfI members with any questions.

Within this section you will find the statutes of our society (in German only) and information about the history of immunology in Germany (in German and English). For a short overview about our current structures and activities please consult the booklet 'Immunology in Germany'.

The DGfI is a member of the European (EFIS) and the International (IUIS) umbrella organizations of the worldwide immunological network and is appropriately represented there by its members and representatives. You can find the umbrella organizations listed in this section.

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