Tagung Arbeitskreis Tumorimmunologie

Halle, 4.-6. Mai 2017


Workshop Sprecher

Workshop Poster



Dear young investigators,

we are more than happy that we received for TIMO XIII a large number of abstracts for the TIMO workshop. Based on this we have decided to include this year for the first time a poster session, which will take place during our main symposium on Friday at lunch time. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss one by one your works. It was a hard decision for us to decide between workshop speakers and poster presenters and we are aware that both possibilities have advantages and disadvantages.

Attached you find the list of participants for the workshop talks and poster presentation.

The talk of the workshop speakers will be 10 minutes and 3 minutes discussion.

For the poster presenters: Poster stand will be available in size of 100 to 120 cm and will be numbered according to the list. The posters should already be put up on Thursday lunch time so that there will be enough time during the coffee breaks to discuss some issues.

There will be a poster award for the best poster as well as an award for the best workshop talk. The price will be handled out during our networking event on Friday evening.

We encourage everyone to take full advantage of the networking opportunities this year’s program offers.

We would like to kindly remember you to transfer the registration fee in advance (150 € for non-MLU members / 50 € for members of the University of Halle).

Deutsche Apotheker- und Äerztebank

IBAN: DE46300606011008814171


Reason for payment: name of the participant, reg. fee TIMO XIII


We are looking forward for this interesting meeting.


Barbara Seliger